• 2. Overview & Terminology

    Blackboard is a remotely-hosted content management system that allows all editing to be done online in your browser from any location, without the need for special software. If you have been assigned rights to edit a section of your campus or department website, you can access it from any computer with Internet access.

    The following are some commonly used Schoolwires terms and an explanation of how they relate to the website.

    Site - The Plano ISD website is a site.

    Subsite - All campuses including athletics are subsites of the district site.

     partial image of PISD home page with the mystart bar, channels, sections, pages, and global icons indicatied with red arrows

    Channels - In Schoolwires, the primary navigation categories (main menu) of any site or subsite are known as channels. A channel is like a Drawer in a file cabinet containing similare information.  

    • Channels are visible on every page of your site or subsite.
    • They provide visitors to your website with consistent navigation throughout the site or subsite.
    • The channels on each subsite may be different from those on the main site or other subsites.

    Sections - Sections are containers used to group together one or more pages.  

    • Each new section added to a channel will automatically show up in the channel drop-down. (A section can be hidden from navigation if desired)
    • Each district department or program has a section of the district website to maintain. 
    • Teachers can also also have sections to maintain for their classroom websites.
    • Department & Teachers web editors are called section editors.


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