Page Types

  • 4. Page Types

    Page Types are page templates that contain one or more apps—a starting point for you as you create your pages.

    • Most page types are a single-column layout with one app.  
    • The page types are suggested app and page layouts for a specific purpose.   
    • You can use a app on any page or page type.   
    • You do not have to use an app with it's corresponding page type.
    • The district can also create custom page types

Apps With Page Types

    • About Teacher—share information such as degrees and certifications and include a photograph.
    • Alumni Directory—capture alumni information including photographs.
    • Article Library—link to articles such as newsletters or stories written by your students.
    • Assignments—post homework, in-class or extra-credit assignments.
    • Blog—share multiple postings about a subject for commenting.
    • Book List—create reading lists and include cover image for each book in the list.
    • Calendar—create calendars and post simple, recurring and registration events. Within a section you can have multiple calendars. Post assignments to a calendar from within the Assignments app.
    • Discussion—share topics to encourage and spark discussion.
    • File Library—post files such as school forms, policies, meeting agendas and minutes.
    • Link Library—share links to websites of interest.
    • Maps & Directions—share maps and directions for field trips, away games and the like.
    • Photo Gallery—showcase photographs of field trips, classroom activities and the like.
    • Podcast—share audio recordings such as band or choir performances or speeches.
    • Q & A—share multiple questions of interest and answers.
    • Upcoming Events—automatically display events from an associated
    • Content—the go-to app for adding text to your page.
    • Divider—place this app on a page between apps to separate them with a variety of line styles.
    • Document Viewer—easily display a document on your end-user website.
    • Embed Code—insert third-party embed code and render it locally on your end-user website.
    • Facebook-like—allows users to like your page on Facebook.
    • Google Folder—use to link to a Google Drive™ folder.
    • Heading—display a heading on your page.
    • Headlines & Features—create headlines with links to detailed stories you write. You can include teaser text for each headline you add to the app.
    • Image—insert a picture on your page.
    • Lunch Menu—display daily lunches served in your cafeteria.
    • MiniBase—create databases to store and display information such as bus routes, bell schedules and course catalogs.
    • Premium Video App—build collections of videos.
    • School Directory—maintain schools and the district site information.
    • Site Shortcuts—create links to other website pages and external websites.
    • Staff Directory—add and maintain information about staff members.
    • Table—create tables on your page.
    • Twitter Share—allows users to tweet with a link to your page.
    • Upcoming Events—display future events linked to a Calendar App.

Specialty Page Types

  • Basic—Heading, Image and Content App on a two-column page.
    Blank— one-column page with no apps.
    Department Homepage—Heading, Content, Link Library Apps on a two-column right sidebar page.
    Teacher Homepage—Heading, Content, Announcement, Upcoming Events Apps on a two-column right sidebar page.


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