• remote learning Resources for Learning Outside of the Classroom

    Below are some suggested resources for learning online.  For additional tools and resources, check out our Technology Resources page our Hotspot.  See also our "Digital Tools to Support Learning" page for topical resources.  Reach out to any of us on the Digital Learning Team to help brainstorm which tool would work best for your situation. 

  • Accessibility Tools

    Accessibility Tools

    Audiobooks - Supports struggling readers to become engaged and independent learners. Check with your campus instructional specialist to find out if your student qualifies for either of these free resources:

    1. Learning Ally
    2. Bookshare

    Text to Speech - A form of speech synthesis that converts text into spoken voice. Immersive Reader and Read and Write include picture dictionaries.

    1. Immersive Reader in Microsoft Word - Access through Office 365 in Webdesk
    2. Use Immersive Reader on Websites [Unofficial] - Google Chrome extension that includes a variety of tools to support reading. View short How-To video for more information.
    3. Read&Write- Google Chrome extension that is best for reading Google Docs
    4. Read Aloud - Google Chrome extension that supports 40+ languages

    Voice Recording Tools - Add audio instructions, feedback, and more to Google Docs, Slides, Classroom, and more.

    1. Habla Cloud
    2. Talk and Comment

    Speech to Text - Supports students that need writing support and converts speech input into digital text.

    1. Google Voice Typing
    2. Speak It
    3. Google Translate - Converts text to speech in over 100 languages

    Website Decluttering - Removes distractions from websites and makes it easier for students to read.

    1. Clear Read
    2. Mercury Reader

    Digital Annotation - Allows students and teachers to label and mark up text, images, songs, websites, videos, and more.

    1. Kami
    2. Screencastify

  • Classroom Discussion

    Classroom Discussion

    1. Create a "Question" in Google Classroom: Post short-answer or multiple-choice questions. Teachers can then track the number of respondents on the Stream page and draft questions to post later and post a question to individual students. See our Classroom page for more info. https://www.pisd.edu/Domain/1319 
    2. Flipgrid is a free, education-focused platform to create and share short videos. See our Flipgrid page for set-up instructions and eBook. https://www.pisd.edu/flipgrid
    3. Nearpod - Create a Nearpod using "Collaborate" interactive activity feature.  Access Nearpod through WebdeskSee our Nearpod page for more info. https://www.pisd.edu/nearpod

  • Content-Specific Digital Resources (Located in MyBackpack & Teacher Console)

    Content-Specific Digital Resources (Located in MyBackpack & Teacher Console)

    My Backpack icon Teacher Console

    Students and staff can access content-related resources through MyBackpack (students) and Teacher Console (educators) in Webdesk. PISD has adopted textbooks and other online resources which are located in MyBackpack. Additionally, teachers can push other online resources to MyBackpack via Teacher Console. A few examples of available resources are:

    • Dreambox for Elementary Math
    • HMH for Elementary English/Language Arts
    • Discovery Education for Elementary Science
    • Pearson for Elementary Math and Social Studies
      **Seeing an error message in Pearson? Contact your classroom teacher to activate the resource. **
    • HMH for Secondary World History and Algebra
    • Wayside for Secondary Spanish
    • McGraw-Hill for Secondary English Language Arts

      And much more!

  • Digital Formative Assessments

    Digital Formative Assessments

    Formative (Free Version)

    1. Formative - assessment tool where students can draw, type, or submit images to demonstrate their understanding.  Upload existing assignments from Google Docs, Word, pdfs or add content (images, video, content) and add interactive elements to them. Embed questions in various formats (essay, multiple choice, multiple selection, short answer, true/false) to check for understanding.  

    1. Open your Chrome web browser and go to goformative.com. Alternatively, log into webdesk.pisd.edu and add the PISD Formative app.

     PISD Formative app in Webdesk

    2. Click sign in with Google and enter your Plano ISD email address and password

    3. Visit the Formative Help Center for guided instructions on how to use Formative: https://help.goformative.com/.


    2. PearDeck - Online Formative assessment and interactive presentation tool.  

  • GoGuardian


    GoGuardian can be an effective tool to connect with and support students.  Teachers are able to monitor student activity on Chromebooks, chat with students, and even push websites (such as Zoom or Google Meet links) to students in real time.  

    Access GoGuardian via tile in Webdesk:

    PISD GoGuardian tile

    View this infographic for tips and tricks for Remote Learning.  Want to know more?  Visit to our GoGuardian Resources page.

    Dos and Don'ts of GoGuardian infographic

  • Interactive Documents

     Interactive Documents

    1. Google Docs - See G Suite Learning Center for training and help.
    2. Google Slides - See our Slides page for more resources. See G Suite Learning Center for training and help.
    3. HyperDocs - Create student-centered digital lessons that inspire curiosity and creativity. Learn more about HyperDocs and access thousands of free templates on our HyperDocs page.
    4. Kami - PDF & document annotation app, ability to highlight, underline, insert text and images, add comments and voice comments.  See our Kami page for details. 
    5. Office 365 (online versions of Word, PPT, Excel, etc.) Access through Webdesk, Add Office 365 Suite tile. 

  • Interactive Visual Representations

    Interactive Visual Representations

    1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Spark!) - Access through Webdesk. See our Adobe CCE page for details.
    2. Book Creator - https://bookcreator.com/  See our Book Creator page for details. 
    3. Google Drawing - https://docs.google.com/drawings/. See our Google Drawings page for details. 

  • Keyboarding


    1. Nitro Type (Free app) - Add to  Webdesk. See our Keyboarding page for more info. https://www.pisd.edu/Page/16877 
    2. Typing Club (Free app) - Add to Webdesk. See our Keyboarding page for more info. https://www.pisd.edu/Page/22417

  • Tools to Review Content

    Tools to Review Content

    1. Nearpod - Access through Webdesk. Teachers can create Nearpod learning experiences and assign them through Google Classroom. 
    2. Edpuzzle - https://edpuzzle.com/ Add a YouTube video and intersperse questions to track your students' understanding. Includes grading features and other analytics.  See our Edpuzzle page for workflow.
    3. G Suite Tools such as Google Slides, Sheets, Docs, Drawings, etc. See Technology Resources in our Hotspot for more information.

  • Self Care

    Reduce Eye Strain

    While learning outside of the classroom, we are spending a lot more time on our devices (Chromebooks, PCs, phones). Reduce eye strain by following the American Academy of Ophthalmology 20-20-20 Rule. “Every 20 min, shift your eyes to look at an object at least 20 feet away, for at least 20 sec.”


  • Video & Screencasting

    Video & Screencasting

    Check out our Screencasting page on the Hotspot. 

    1. Screencastify - Easy to use screen recorder. Record, edit, and share videos in seconds. Videos autosave to your Google Drive. Add the extension.

    2. WeVideo - Online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, edit, and share videos. Screencast, Greenscreen, and more! Access through Webdesk. Students can add tile to Webdesk for the premium version.  

  • Video Conferencing/Meetings

    Video Conferencing

    Meet with your team

    Easily meet with your team using Microsoft TeamsZoom, or Google Hangouts Meet

    LIVE (Synchronous learning) - Meeting with your students that have accommodations

    Google Hangouts Meet - Can be recorded. Students can join, too! Just activate the Meet link in Google Classroom or set it up in Google Calendar. See our Hotspot Google Meet page for set up instructions. 

    Using Google Meet to Make Phone Calls - If you’d like to place a phone call but don’t want to divulge your personal phone number. 

    Zoom - PISD teachers and librarians have premium Zoom licenses (see directions for upgrading on our Hotspot Zoom page). Easily schedule a meeting and post the link in Google Classroom. Zoom meetings can be recorded.

    RECORDED (Asynchronous learning) - Record learning for your students

    Google Hangouts Meet - Record yourself and/or your screen. The recording is saved as a Google file. Post the link to your video in Google Classroom or a location that's familiar to your students. 

    Zoom - PISD teachers and librarians have premium Zoom licenses (see directions for upgrading on our Hotspot Zoom page). Record yourself and/or your screen. The video saves locally and you can upload it to Google Drive to post the link in Google Classroom. See our Zoom page for instructions.

    See our video comparison chart for details on the features of each program.

  • Digital Learning Team

    The Digital Learning Team is here to help you! Please reach out anytime. 

    Our contact information: pisd.edu/dlt

    digital learning team