• Webdesk for Students

    Webdesk webdesk.pisd.edu (Classlink) gives students access to their online textbooks and digital academic resources AND gives them access to files at school or in the cloud.

    • This lightweight alternative to carrying textbooks around all day gives students access to all instructional/textbook-related materials they need.
    • Students can customize their Webdesk dashboard by rearranging tiles, organizing tiles into folders, and changing the theme/background.
    • Some apps/online textbooks are assigned to the Webdesk dashboard via our SIS (Frontline Teams) and those cannot be edited. 

    webdesk sign in

    My Classes

    my classes button

    A student's My Classes will look something like the image below. Textbooks and digital resources needed for the class on a student's schedule will be conveniently located here by subject/class period.

    my classes


    Accessing your grades

    Open the "PISD Pinnacle" Gradebook app to view your grades.

    Accessing Your H and S Drives

    To access your H and S Drives from Webdesk, click the My Files icon at the bottom middle of the main Webdesk page.
    my files in webdesk

    Then click School Network. Your H Drive is the "_Home Folder" and you will also see any S Drive folders to which you are associated.

    webdesk school network

    Don't see your files?

    Try verifying your Webdesk password (LDAP) and then try again. Instructions: https://www.pisd.edu/Page/17506

    Re-enter Password to Maintain Access

    If you ever see this pop-up message, do not close it out. Please enter your password twice and click Save. This is will ensure access to your online textbooks and resources. 

  • Students: You will need to Connect your Google Account in Webdesk


    How to update your password

    You may need to update your password in Webdesk to ensure an easy and secure connection to your digital resources. Go to your profile on the top right, click Settings, click Sign In, and click the key under "LDAP/Active Directory". Enter your password twice and that's it!

    my profile settings

    ldap update

    Microsoft Office & Webdesk & Chromebooks

    To learn how to open and edit a Microsoft Office document (e.g. Word doc) from Webdesk on the Chromebook, visit the Chromebook for Students page and click on "Using Office 365/Microsoft on a Chromebook".