• Webdesk: Teacher Console (For Teachers Only)

    Educators can use the "My Classes" button, or Teacher Console, to view digital textbooks and resources, as well as customize apps for their classes. It allows teachers to "push" out apps to the students' "My Backpack", which is on each student's dashboard. 


    1. At the bottom of Webdesk, click the "My Classes" icon to open the Teacher Console.

    My Classes

    My Classes button in Webdesk

    2. Your rostered classes will open in a new tab. Here you will see the digital textbooks and resources assigned to you from our SIS (Teams). 

     Gif showing picture of classes menu

    Assigning apps to students: 

    3. Clicking on one of the classes will bring you into a more detailed view where you will see all the apps assigned to that class.

    Picture of student menu

    4. Apps can be launched by clicking on them or removed by hovering over them and then clicking Remove.

     Gif explaining how to remove app

    5. Clicking on Add New App will bring out the App Library which will allow you to select which apps you want to add to this class. The App Library in Teacher Console will mirror the App Library in LaunchPad giving you access to all the same apps.

     Gif explaining how to add apps

    6. Once you have added apps to your classes, your students will be able to access those apps on their My Classes. 

    my classes backpack