• Accessing Your H and S Drives

    1. To access your H and S Drives from Webdesk, click the My Files icon at the bottom middle of your Webdesk dashboard.

    my files in webdesk

    2. If you see the pop-up for "Open ClassLinkAgent", check the box and click Open ClassLinkAgent.

    3. Select School Network. Your H Drive is the "_Home Folder" and you will also see any S Drive folders to which you are associated.

    webdesk school network

  • Don't see your files?

    1. Be sure you opened the ClassLinkAgent. If the pop-up menu did not appear or was dismissed, you can find the download link here: https://help.classlink.com/s/article/ClassLink-Downloads

    2. Verify your Webdesk password (LDAP) and try opening My Files again. 

    3. Clear your cache (browsing history) and try opening My Files again. 

    Instructions for steps #2 and #3 above are on the Webdesk Login Problems? page.