• Accessing Webdesk on Windows Desktop

    (This does NOT apply to Chromebooks. Students are automatically signed into Webdesk when they sign into a Chromebook).

    These directions are for teachers of either younger grades or special ed who would like to give their students easier access to Webdesk. Rather than having the student open the Chrome browser and type webdesk.pisd.edu, follow the steps below to add the Webdesk shortcut to their desktop. 

    Add the Webdesk shortcut to the desktop

    1. Sign into a network laptop or desktop computer as the student.

    2. Open the PISD Apps folder. 

    3. Right-click the PISD Webdesk shortcut and send it to the desktop. Students can double-click the Webdesk shortcut to launch it. The next step is to set Chrome as the default browser on the computer. See below.

    Set Chrome as the default browser

    1. Click on the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" (3 vertical dots - located on the top-right corner of the browser, select "Settings"). It will open a new tab titled 'Settings' in the browser.

    2. From the top of the page, go down to the "default browser" (the 4th subtitle, right below "search engine") and click on "Make DEFAULT". If you do not see "Make DEFAULT" button, the Chrome browser is the default.

    3. The Settings > Default apps section will be opened. Under "Web browser", click on the name of the current default browser will open the "Choose an app" list. Select "Google Chrome".